Eyebrow Styles

Brow perfection is a large part of a Makeup Artist's job. Keep your brow pencils naturally taupe without any pigments of red. This creates the best authentic color. Keep your brow pencil closest to your hair color. A few shades darker looks more dramatic and a few shades lighter softens your features.

Create the illusion of the arch to be at the point which most flatters your face shape and your highest point should always be in line with the middle of the whites of your eyes between the outer edge of the iris and the outer corner of the eye.

Brows are back with a focus towards big and thick. The classic big brow has been associated with youthfulness and many young models are choosing to retain their natural unplucked shape. The power of the brows contain the look of the face and what Makeup Artists call framing. The straight brow is back on the catwalk. If you have a long face you will suit a straighter brow and this will break the face shape up to introduce proportion. If you have a round or oval face shape you can be more creative with arch height.

Keep in mind that making a very prominent arch can appear aggressive. Also keep in mind that your brow needs to end in line with where it started or your face will seem disproportionate and somewhat animated. If you have prominent features, soften your arch and do not over pluck as this can create severity. Brows do grow back but take their time in doing so.